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“The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.” Psalm 23




You must call the Parish Office to reserve a space at this Mass. We can accommodate up to 42 people (25% of our church’s capacity) with the current distancing restrictions. Mary Kay will confirm if you leave a Voicemail message. You must wear your own face mask and bring hand sanitizer with you to be used just prior to receiving Holy Communion. The Church will be open about 15 minutes in advance and you must go directly to your seat and stay there. There will be no standing in the back, no sitting in the choir loft and no access to our statues or holy water. There will be a receptacle for any Sunday Offerings that you bring. There will be no Presentation of the Gifts or ushers taking up a collection. Communion Procession will take place from the side aisles at the end of Mass and then all are asked to exit to the parking lot. If you wish to have Holy Communion on the tongue, you are to approach Fr. Gerard only. He will sanitize after each one. Holy Communion will not be distributed in the back of the Church. Other Ministers will distribute Holy Communion in the hand only. All of these directives are for your safety and the safety of our Parish staff and volunteers. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bread Basket of Northeastern Pennsylvania, hosted by the Mid-Valley Ministerium, and located in the Grunick Center of the Queen of Angels Parish Campus, 320 1st Avenue, Jessup remains open during the Corona Virus pandemic. Hours are Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 to 5:00.


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